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prenatal nutrition

(Mis)information overload?


As a mama who's been there twice, I completely understand how overwhelming and confusing the nutrition + wellness advice for pregnancy and postpartum can be. And that sometimes what's "best" feels totally beyond our reach. 

Relax, I'm here to help.


I'm Sarah, a Registered Dietitian specializing in maternal wellness coaching and mama to two adorable little humans. I love working with parents-to-be and new parents to provide personalized nutrition + wellness counsel, to simplify healthy eating and self-care routines. Because when you feel supported and confident in these practices, you can better care for your family. 


  • Couples' Fertility Nutrition Assessments, ideally suited for couples looking for nutrition and lifestyle strategies to maximize their fertility in planning an upcoming pregnancy in the next 3-6 months;

  • Prenatal eCourse for low-risk pregnancy nutrition + wellness guidance;

  • Comprehensive and personalized prenatal nutrition consultations to simplify healthy eating pre- and post-baby; 

  • Postpartum-specific guidance, and support for infant feeding;

  • Individualized recommendations for managing pregnancy discomforts or high-risk pregnancy conditions through nutrition + lifestyle;

  • Weight-inclusive, HAES-friendly care; 

  • Sharing many indispensible wellness resources I've found personally helpful or have learned of through my 10+ years of working as a dietitian in prenatal healthcare. 


Check out some of the ways I can help you below.

You and your baby are so worth it.

Sarah -xo
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