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mindful nutrition for the mama-to-be eCourse

A fresh take on prenatal nutrition advice from an anti-diet maternal wellness dietitian, blending principles of intuitive + mindful eating with current, evidence-based recommendations for optimizing health of both mama-to-be and baby in pregnancy and beyond. Get information you know you can trust, for when it matters most. Access video modules and additional resources to help you optimize your nutrition for pregnancy. 

What can you expect to learn? My eCourse is designed to make learning about prenatal nutrition easy and accessible from the comfort of your own space. I’ve divided up the content into 11 modules, so you can access any or all of information that’s relevant for you. Whether you’re wondering about the basics like nutrients of special concern for pregnancy, what to expect for healthy pregnancy weight gain, or food safety in pregnancy; or you're looking to troubleshoot in other areas such as nausea, heartburn, or constipation - I’ve got you covered for content. But this is more than just your basic nutrition for pregnancy course - my goal was to translate all of this information into what’s actually practical for you to use and include lots of tips and additional resources for ensuring that you can make the best choices the easy and enjoyable ones. I’m also really passionate about how mindfulness and community support can play a positive role in healthy eating for pregnancy, and as an emotional regulator for pregnancy and postpartum.

I dive into updated evidence-based nutrition recommendations for pregnancy, provide simple tips for eating well when you're expecting, and introduce principles of mindfulness in the context of pregnancy and early motherhood. The content's divided into Modules based on topic, and makes taking a little time to watch them super easy to incorporate into your day - without having to worry about attending (yet another) prenatal appointment, all from the comfort of your own space.


Module 1: Welcome! What To Expect

Module 2: Nutrient needs for pregnancy: what's current/what's not?

Module 3: Supplements, friend or foe?

Module 4: Bottoms Up? Alcohol, Caffeine, and Baby

Module 5: Food Safety + Questionable Eats

Module 6: Weight Watching + Mindful Eating

Module 7: Nausea - What helps when morning sickness lasts all day?

Module 8: Breathing Fire - Tried+True heartburn management tips

Module 9: Pickles + Ice Cream! Cravings, Intuitive Eating, + Pregnancy

Module 10: Mindful Mama

Module 11: Embracing Motherhood, Support + Body Positivity


Bonus resource #1:

Intuitive eating after baby + Breastfeeding makes me hangry!


Bonus resource #2:

Eating for Two + 100 Trillion - What you can do to help set your baby’s gut microbiome for lasting health benefits

The eCourse is now available for purchase! Watch the video modules and access additional PDF resources on your own schedule.

You get over 3 hours worth of video content for half the average cost of a single consultation with a Registered Dietitian.


At just $59CAD, the value for this content is unreal!


A pregnant black woman sits in a chair on a deck. She is holding a mug, looking forward with a smile on her face.
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