Consulting + Freelance writing Services

I offer nutrition-related consulting services to individuals, groups, organizations, and schools. Menu development, review and recommendations for child care facilities, and nutrition presentations are a few examples of services available. 

I also perform freelance nutrition writing services, for both print and digital media platforms. A published writer (Inspire Me Well, Insomniac Press 2012), media dietitian, and former blogger, I have  7+ years of experience writing nutrition- and health-related content and possess exquisite attention to detail. 

Please contact me directly to inquire about fees and policies for my nutrition consulting services. 

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Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Wondering about other Nutrition Concerns? 

Feel free to get in touch about any reproductive health or family nutrition concerns you may have. I'm also experienced in many other areas of clinical nutrition. If it's not the right fit, I'll be happy to help you find a dietitian who can better address your needs.

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